Canada $800 Solidarity Tax Credit 2024  for Low-Income: Check Eligibility Criteria & Payment Process

Canada and, in particular, Quebec which has very high tax rates, and those who live there are waiting for an $800 Solidarity Tax Credit to those who are people with low incomes. You can reduce your tax obligations with numerous tax credits and refunds available in Canada. 

There are tax credits that are only accessible to residents of Quebec, like the tax credit that is refundable Solidarity Tax Credit  (STC), regardless of whether you’re qualified for federal tax refunds or credits.

People in this province might seek an extra source of income during their incredibly expensive living. If you have good fortune, Revenu Quebec’s Quebec Solidarity Tax Credit will prepare the amount of $800, which will be disbursed in increments in 2024. 

People living in this state with moderate incomes will be eligible for a tax credit that can be refunded. A variety of factors, like the income of a family as well as the amount of dependents, determine how much credit gets distributed throughout the year.

Canada $800 Solidarity Tax Credit 2024  for Low-Income

Refundable tax credit, commonly referred to by the name of “Solidarity Tax Credit ” can be granted to those with lower income to help with a percentage of the tax burdens they face on their income. The refund amount could benefit to pay for daily expenses. They will depend on the financial condition of your household in the time frame of qualifying. The tax credit for solidarity is comprised of three parts:

  • Housing
  • Quebec Sales Tax (QST)
  • People who live in villages of northern origin

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Overview of Canada $800 Solidarity Tax Credit 2024  for Low-Income

Article Topic$800 Solidarity Tax Credit  for Low-Income in Canada
Province NameQuebec, Canada
Authority NameRevenu Quebec
Maximum Amount$800
BeneficiariesLow-income taxpayers in Canada

Quebec Offers Solidarity Tax Credit; Let’s know the details

households who reside in Quebec, Canada with low to moderate earnings are qualified to claim the tax credit that is refundable Solidarity Tax Credit (STC). Your situation on December 31 of the preceding year determines the amount you can claim, as well as the amount of payments that are deposited directly to your bank account. This is because of the Solidarity Tax Credit  2024. The amount of the payment determines the frequency of payment, whether each week, every month, or every year.

$800 Solidarity Tax Credit

Three components can be used in this tax credit as changes were made to the credit, including housing, QST residents of northern communities, and QST. It is now only necessary to complete Schedule D and you will be receiving each month a payment that is based upon your taxes on income for the previous year. It will start with the first day of July for the year that you are in. To receive your tax refunds, you have to have a direct payment.

Eligibility Criteria

To meet your Solidarity Tax Credit eligibility criteria for 2024, you must meet some requirements. They can be described as follows:

  • You must reside in Quebec and be at the age of 18.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you may still qualify for the program if you are married or have a child.
  • Alternatively, if you are a permanent resident or, a holder of a temporary residence permit or a resident of Canada, these are all required.

How Do I Apply For Solidarity Tax Credit in Quebec?

  • It is necessary to sign up to receive direct deposits before you are eligible for the tax credit for solidarity in the state in which we are speaking.
  • Through your bank, this is a fast and secure way for the federal government to deposit funds directly into your personal banking account.
  • It is mandatory to submit Schedule D of your tax return following your registration to deposit directly.
  • This is the sole way to ensure that you get the entire amount of solidarity credit for which you are entitled to every element.
  • You will receive the base QST portion as well, in the event of a need and when you qualify for a credit on a solid tax however, you must not file the Schedule D.
  • Only one of the two of you is eligible to fill out Schedule D for two if you were living together during the date that you were qualifying.
  • In contrast, the spouse and you have to complete Schedule D separately if you and your spouse were not living together at the time of qualifying.
  • Revenu Quebec will send you an official notice from Revenu Quebec, known as the notice of the decision, if you have submitted schedule D and are enrolled for direct deposits. The letter will inform you whether or not you are entitled to a Solidarity Tax Credit.

What is an STC to be paid to Quebec?

  • By your eligibility, the tax credit’s way of payment could be different.
  • Your tax credit for solidarity as an example, is transferred to you in one lump sum if the amount you are eligible for is lower than $240.
  • The STC will be paid out in monthly instalments if you are eligible to exceed $240 but not less than $800.
  • In a calendar year, each month, instalments are made towards the Solidarity Tax Credit when you are eligible to receive more than 800 CAD.

Which Of The Three STC components are you eligible for?

To qualify for an amount of Solidarity Tax Credit, you have to meet the requirements to receive at least one of these components:

Housing Component

To be eligible for the housing portion of the STC You must show the fact that you, as well as your partner (if appropriate), resided in or rented an eligible home before December 31, the day before in the previous year.

QST Component

This QST portion aids in alleviating the cost of QST to eligible persons. To be eligible to be eligible for this QST element, one needs to reside alone or in a household with at least one other person under 18 living in your home during the prior year.

Participant For People Living in Northern Villages

The portion of people living in the northern villages covers the increased price of living within these areas when compared with other regions of Quebec. The village you live in must be one of the fourteen northern villages identified as such by the Quebec government to receive this portion.

The Income Eligibility Threshold

The amount you earn as “family revenue” is the amount that is listed on the Line 275 of your return. If you were married at the end of December in the prior tax year, the amount is also in Line 275 of your tax return. If, at the time of filing, your household earnings were equal to or more than the family’s maximum income from the table below, then you are not eligible anymore for this tax credit. Solidarity Tax Credit.

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Below are the most recent highest family income limits determined by household composition:

Maximum Income Threshold
Individuals With a Spouse$67,067*
Single-Parent Families$61,500*
Single Individuals$61,500

For those with a spouse or single-parent family, you can include $2,517 in the maximum for each child.

What Date Will You Receive The Solidarity Tax Credit  (STC) Payout?

Suppose you are eligible to receive the Solidarity Tax Credit. In that case, the CRA will issue an email with the credit amount for the period of tax and the details they used in calculating the amount.

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The amount you are eligible for can impact the STC payment dates. If you qualify for:

Payment AmountFrequencyPayment Dates 
$800 or moreYou will receive an STC payment once per month within the first five days of the month.July 2024 to June 2025
$241 to $799You will receive an STC payment four times per yearJuly 2024October 2024January 2025April 2025
$240 or lessYou will receive your payment in one lump sum in JulyJuly 2024

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