Canada OAS Payment Dates 2024-Old Age Security Payments DateSheet

This article will discuss the OAS Payment Dates, April 2024. The article covers OAS Disability, Payment Dates, and Status. OAS Disability and OAS Payment dates, and the Payment Status. This Old Age Security Payment supports those who are older to live happily in retirement.

This payment provided by the government allows seniors to pay their daily costs, including the cost of utilities and medical bills. The recipients do not need to accept personal loans or loans from banks. Check out the article till the very end and find out when the due dates are.

Canada OAS Payment Dates 2024

Old Age Security refers to the amount each month to those over 65. This program is administered by the Federal Government of Canada and is known for the introduction of various financial aid programs to the well-being of senior citizens in Canada. 

Senior contestants can apply for this advantageous program by filling in the application and then submitting the application online or in person. However, there are instances where eligible participants can be automatically enrolled in the OAS Pension via Service Canada.

Every month, the Federal Government of Canada offers an amount to those who are registered with the OAS. Many factors, including the length of time that a resident has been living within Canada, can be considered as a way to increase the amount that a person could receive under OAS.

Old Age Security Pension. The OAS Payment is scheduled to be released on the 26th of April 2024. OAS Payout is anticipated to be announced on the 26th of April, 2024.

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Overview of Canada OAS Payment Dates

Title of the ArticleOld Age Security
CategoryGovernment Aid
AdministrationFederal Government of Canada
SchemeMonthly Pension Plan
Age Requirement65 or above
Amount (Age 65-74)$707.68
Amount (Age 75 or above)$778.45
Mode of ApplicationOnline/Offline
Last Date to Pay——-
Official Portal

Dates of Payment for the OAS Disability Plan in 2024

The authorities have opted for an agreed-upon payment date in the Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan, i.e., 26 April. It is important to note that the Government of Canada is regularly changing the dates of future payments and the amount of subsequent payments. The payments previously were made on the 27th of September by the pension calendar.

This is to inform you that the amount of your monthly payment could be raised if you postpone the payment beyond reaching the age of 65. A delay of up to 60 months could benefit you by getting an amount that is higher for each month. In July 2022, a 10 per cent rise was announced for The Old Age Security Payment for those over the age of 75. The initial Old Age Security Payment will be added either on a specified date or following the month in which you reach the threshold of 65.

Canada OAS Payment Dates

Pension Amount in OAS 2024

The pension amount for the Old Age Security of 2024 also relies on the net earnings of the person. If you are aged between 65 and 74, The threshold for annual net income in 2022 must not exceed $142609. The threshold for income in 2022 for those who are 75 years old or older must be lower than the threshold of $148179.

The OAS pension payout varies according to the ages of recipients. Aged 65 to the age of 74 can receive the maximum monthly payment which is $707.68. Senior citizens are entitled to a monthly payment month for a total amount that is $778.45

An online tool via digital platforms may be utilized by those who receive it to determine how much they’ll receive for the next month. This tool is referred to as the “Old Age Security Benefits Estimator”. 

The calculations made by this tool are based on the information provided in it. A few of the information individuals are required to offer are marital status, age, net earnings (single or in conjunction with a spouse), legal status, and residence status.

OAS Payment Schedule in April 2024

In 2024, the first OAS Payment was made on the 29th of January 2024. The Pension Calendar available on the official site that is maintained by the Canadian Government may be referred to for help in obtaining information what the most recent changes that have been made to the OAS Pay Dates 2024.

Check the Payment Datesheet for Old Age Security 2024

129 January 2024
227 February 2024
326 March 2024
426 April 2024
529 May 2024
626 June 2024
729 July 2024
828 August 2024
925 September 2024
1029 October 2024
1127 November 2024
1230 December 2024

Customers will be offered payment via the manner of payment that they’ve selected when completing the process of applying. The direct deposit method is by far the simplest and quickest method to push on to make the transaction. It will also be provided to people who choose to use the cash check, but they will have to wait a bit since the procedure is lengthy.

OAS Application process of 2024

If you’re among those legal citizens eligible to be eligible for benefit payments, the steps outlined below are to be followed.

  • In the beginning, you must go through the eligibility requirements to see if you are in enough eligibility to be eligible for the cash payment.
  • It is essential to decide on when to initiate the OAS Payout.
  • The applicant must apply to the program by making sure you fill out and apply.
  • The patient wait will be worth it when you await an official reply.
  • The status of the application should be checked regularly.

If you submit a complete application to your OAS application, the authorities will then reciprocate the applicants. If the application is approved and approved, you’ll receive a formal official letter containing information about the date of the payment as well as the date of your first payment. If you are rejected for your application it is recommended to verify your application’s details and apply again.

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Payment Status of OAS 2024

To check the status of payment of the Old Age Security Pension for 2024, users can log into their MSCA accounts on the government-approved Government of Canada web portal. The status of the payment will reveal whether or not the money has been received. If someone experiences difficulties or delays in the delivery of their payment, they need to contact Service Canada for resolution.

OAS Payment Date Confirmation
Home Page
  • A person must be registered with the OAS program to satisfy the eligibility requirements with success.
  • The first step to check the OAS Pay Date is to check the official website, which is Then, you must look down for the OAS Application form.
  • The applicants will be required to complete the important data. Additionally, the applicant is required to bring documentation and then hit the “submit button.
  • It is recommended that you submit the application form together with the services of your MY Service Canada account.
  • Check the application before you apply for approval. The primary reason to double-check the application is because this means you will be able to reduce the chance of any error which will boost your chances of receiving the benefits amount.

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