Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024 Registration: Check Eligibility & Application Process

The oral health of Canadians is directly related to their overall health, even though expensive dental care might be prohibitive. The government of Canada came up with the Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024 to address the inadequate availability of dental insurance from third-party providers throughout the nation.

When the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is fully implemented, it will be able to help up to nine million Canadians who do not have health insurance and whose annual family income is less than $90,000 in breaking through the financial barriers that prevent them from receiving dental care.

Please continue scrolling and reading this page to get an understanding of the fundamentals and specifics of the Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024. This post has reviewed the eligibility requirements, the application procedure, and all other aspects.

Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024 Registration

One of the healthcare programs in Canada is called the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), and it provides dental care services to those who meet the requirements. Generally speaking, this plan is aimed at offering coverage for critical dental treatment, particularly for persons who do not have access to private dental insurance. Because provincial governments in Canada are often in charge of handling healthcare, the particulars of these programs could be different depending on the province or territory.

With the second application procedure for the Canadian Dental Care Plan beginning on July 1, 2023, and continuing until June 30, 2024, the application period will be extended. The whole Canadian Disability Insurance Program (CDCP) might be made accessible to as many as eight million uninsured Canadians, including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

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Overview of Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024

Article TitleCanadian Dental Care Plan 2024
Provided ByCRA
Application DateJune 20, 2024
Complete InformationRead Here

Enrollment in the Canada Dental Care Plan for 2024; Let’s dig into the details

Beginning in May of 2024, senior citizens who are at least 65 years old will be able to submit their applications online. Applicants are permitted to submit their applications online beginning in June 2024, provided that they are under the age of 18 and possess a valid certificate proving that they are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. 

Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024

In the year 2025, the remaining inhabitants of Canada who are qualified will be given the chance to submit their applications online.

Canadian nationals who are eligible to complete the CDCP registration process may do so via Service Canada if they conform to the conditions. Beginning in December 2023, letters will be sent out to elderly citizens who may be eligible to enrol in the plan. 

These letters will inform them that they may be eligible for the plan and encourage them to join. Not only will this letter have instructions for registering, but it will also contain a personalised application code.

Participation in the Canada Dental Care Plan in 2024

The following conditions must be achieved for you to be eligible for the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP):

  • You are required to have a family net income that is adjusted to be less than $90,000, you must have completed your tax return for the previous year, and you must live in Canada. Additionally, you must not have access to dental insurance that covers dental care. It is customary to proceed in this way while verifying your income and resident status for the previous year.~
  • If a Canadian citizen can participate in a dental benefit program offered by a province or territorial government, then the government considers them to be eligible for the program. 
  • To determine eligibility for minors under the age of 18, the eligibility of their parent or guardian will be taken into consideration.

Application Procedure for the Canadian Dental Care Plan

The application procedure for the Canadian Dental Care Plan is staggered, meaning that specific groups are provided with the opportunity to submit their applications at different times. 

In addition to providing evidence that they are eligible, applicants are required to give information on their job, the benefit coverage of their spouse or partner, the date of their appointment, and the contact information for the dental service provider.

Through the use of My Account with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the application process for the Canada Dental Benefit will be completed in the quickest, easiest, and most secure manner possible. 

If you do not already have a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) My Account, you may create one by going to If you decide to apply online and set up a direct transfer with the CRA, you will be able to receive your money within five business days.

If you are experiencing difficulties placing your application for the Canada Dental Benefit online, you may begin the process by calling 1-800-715-8836. Candidates will be required to complete a variety of attestations to demonstrate their eligibility, and they will also be required to answer security questions to authenticate their identities, regardless of the circumstances present.

Age Groups Application dates 
Age groups between 87 and aboveStarted December 2023
Between 77 and 86Started January 2024
Between 72 and 76Started February 2024
Between 70 and 71Started March 2024
Between 65 and 69Starting May 2024
Adults with disability and credit tax returnStarting June 2024
Under the age of 18Starting June 2024
Remaining CanadiansStarting 2025

Dental Services Covered by the Canada Dental Care Plan in 2024

All dental treatment is included in the coverage provided by the CDCP. Maintaining optimum dental health is the goal of this product. The CDCP takes into account services.

OAS $1148 Extra For Seniors

$1743 CPP Increase Per Month

Canada $2120 OAS Extra

CPP Disability Increase

  • Services related to periodontics include scaling.
  • Services for oral surgery, including extractions
  • Providers of prosthodontic services, including full dentures and dentures that may be removed
  • Fillings and other restorative procedures are examples.
  • Services related to diagnosis
  • Services associated with preventive measures, such as fluoride and sealants

Additionally, in addition to the services that have been listed above, the CDCP will also provide additional services. 

However, the receiver of the plan will be required to get authorisation beforehand to make use of such services. A patient is offered the opportunity to make use of additional services via the process of preauthorisation. The beginning of the preauthorisation process is scheduled for November 2024.

Benefit Amount details for CDCP in 2024

There must be uncertainties among the beneficiaries concerning the coverage component. You need not be concerned about it. The article will provide you with all of the information that you need. Additionally, the CDCP coverage component will be impacted by the income range. 

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It is required that an individual’s annual net income not exceed $90,000 to be eligible for the services. You are not eligible for the CDCP if your income is higher than the standards that have been provided.

Income factor Coverage policy under CDCPBearable by the beneficiary 
less than $70,000The government will bear 100% of the fee0% bearable by the beneficiary
$70,000 to $79,99960% of the total expenses borne by the governmentThe remaining 40% of the patient
$80,000 to $89,99940% of all the expenses by the government60% by the patient
More than $90,0000% fee coverage100% by the patient

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