Corrections Policy

Our Commitment to Accuracy

At Eastern Outdoors Media, we strive for accuracy and fairness in all our content. Despite our rigorous editorial processes, we acknowledge that errors can occur. Our corrections policy outlines our commitment to promptly addressing inaccuracies in our reporting, ensuring our audience has access to the most accurate information available.

Identifying Errors

Errors can be identified by our team, through feedback from our audience, or by the subjects of our reporting. We take all claims of inaccuracies seriously, reviewing each one thoroughly to determine if a correction is warranted.

Making Corrections

Transparency: When an error is confirmed, we commit to correcting it as quickly as possible. Corrections will be clearly marked and accessible, both within the content and, when applicable, through a dedicated corrections section on our website.

Clarity: Corrections will clearly state what the error was and provide the correct information. We aim to ensure that corrections are made in a way that maintains the integrity of the article and respects our audience’s need for accurate information.

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for all content published by Eastern Outdoors Media. Our editorial team, including writers, editors, and fact-checkers, are all part of the process to review and correct content as needed.

Reporting Errors

If you believe you have found an error in our content, we encourage you to let us know. Please contact us at with details of the error, including the content title, the date published, and a brief explanation of the concern. Our editorial team will review your submission and take appropriate action.

Review Process

Our editorial team will review reported errors and assess the need for corrections. This process includes verifying the accuracy of the original content, consulting with subject matter experts when necessary, and determining the most clear and transparent way to correct the information.

Continuous Improvement

We view corrections as an opportunity for improvement. Our editorial team regularly reviews our content and correction processes to enhance our accuracy and the clarity of our reporting.


Our Corrections Policy reflects Eastern Outdoors Media’s dedication to journalistic integrity and our responsibility to our audience. We are committed to earning and maintaining your trust through transparent and accountable reporting practices.