Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-Checking Policy

Commitment to Accuracy

At Eastern Outdoors Media, we are committed to delivering news and analysis with the highest level of accuracy and integrity. Our fact-checking policy is at the core of our mission to provide trustworthy information to our audience.

Verification Process

Sources: We rely on reputable sources for our information, including official records, expert interviews, and credible news outlets. We strive to use primary sources wherever possible to ensure the accuracy of our reporting.

Fact-Checking: Every piece of content, whether it’s a news article, analysis piece, or multimedia content, undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process. Our dedicated team of editors and fact-checkers review all factual claims for accuracy before publication.

Corrections: If a mistake is identified, we are committed to correcting it promptly and transparently. Corrections will be clearly marked and acknowledged in the content.

Expert Review

For specialized content, particularly in areas like social security and finance, we engage with industry experts to review our work, ensuring that we provide our audience with reliable and insightful analysis.


We are transparent about our sources and the process through which our content is created. When reporting on complex issues, we provide context and clarification to help our audience understand the bigger picture.

Audience Engagement

We encourage our audience to report any inaccuracies they may find in our content. Feedback can be sent to info@easternoutdoorsmedia.com. We review all such communications and, if necessary, investigate and rectify any inaccuracies.

Continuous Improvement

Our fact-checking policy is an evolving document. We continuously refine our processes and procedures to adapt to new challenges and ensure the highest standard of journalistic integrity.