Nova Scotia HARP 2024-Heating Bill Rebate Date

In this post, you will learn about HARP Canada, which includes the following: Can you tell me about the Heating Assistance Rebate Program and who is qualified to participate in it? The Homeowners’ Support Program (HARP) is a program run by the federal government of Nova Scotia that provides financial support to people with modest incomes. 

The residents of Nova Scotia are eligible to obtain specific heat rebate advantages for their households as a result of this rebate scheme. These rebates are designed for those who heat their homes with natural gases, coal, wood, and other similar materials. 

The advantages of this refund are contingent on the individual’s income as well as the needs of their family. Continue perusing this piece to get further information about HARP Canada, including what it is, who is eligible for it, and other relevant factors.

Nova Scotia HARP 2024

To assist Nova Scotians with the expense of heating their homes, the federal government has established a program called the Heating Assistance Rebate Program Canada. Each low-income home that is qualified for these benefits and is experiencing difficulties with its heating expenses will get a payment of 600 Canadian dollars. The provinces have difficulties in meeting their heating costs as a result of this expense of living, which also assists them in meeting their heating bill.

The purpose of this program is to provide residents of Nova Scotia with a suitable amount of a refund to assist them with their heating costs. Individuals who heat their houses with the assistance of oil, electricity, propane, natural gases, wood, coal, or any other fuel source are eligible to receive financial assistance from the government via the means of the program. Additionally, those who have applied to HARP Canada are eligible to receive grants for elder care, property taxes, and other benefits.

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Overview of Nova Scotia HARP

Benefit nameNova Scotia Heating Assistance Rebate Program
CategoryFinancial Aid

The Heating Assistance Rebate Program – what is it?

In Nova Scotia, households with lower and moderate incomes are eligible to receive financial support via this program, which is known as the heating assistance program. The person can get assistance from the Department of Community Services as a result of participating in this program. They can enhance their standard of living with the assistance of this program.

These advantages are distributed by the factors that determine eligibility, and the yearly income also distributes refunds. Included in this category are households consisting of individuals or singles with an annual income of 55,000 Canadian dollars, as well as families with an annual income of 75,000 Canadian dollars, regardless of whether they are renting or living in their own home.

Nova Scotia HARP

Does HARP Accept Any Individuals?

The advantages of the Heating Assistance Rebate Program are provided to the particular person who meets the qualifying conditions that the authority has established. These criteria include the following:

  • The income of the single grantee from the previous year must be less than 55,000 Canadian dollars after taxes.
  • After taking into account taxes, the recipient’s income from the previous year had to be less than 75,000 Canadian dollars.
  • Participates in a certain income allowance program offered by the government.
  • Being eligible for a services allowance or the Guaranteed Income Supplement programs.

These are some of the qualifying requirements that the government has established for those who are eligible to receive the HARP benefits in Nova Scotia, Canada.

What do I need to Know to Apply to HARP Canada? A step by step guide

To qualify for rebate benefits in Nova Scotia, the person who satisfies the qualifying requirements of the Heating Assistance Rebate Program in Canada may follow the procedures that have been outlined.

  • The first step is to research the most popular website for heating rebates, which is
  • In the second step, you will be presented with several different benefits alternatives on the homepage, and you will need to choose the heating rebate.
  • The next step is to choose that choice, which will cause you to be sent to a different web page. Applicants are required to fill out the application form with legitimate information in this section.
  • To proceed to the fourth step, candidates are needed to submit specified paperwork together with the application form once they have finished filling out the application.
  • The fifth step is to apply while attaching all of the necessary documentation.

Following the submission of the application, you will be notified of the confirmation within a period of two to three weeks. The beneficiary has until March 31, 2024, to apply for this benefit. 

You are necessary to provide the following papers to complete the application form: your Social Insurance number, your date of birth, your situation status, your 2022 income tax file, a material certificate, invoices for your heating energy use, and other documents.

Applicants who are having trouble filling out the online form or who have any other questions may get in touch with the authorities by calling 902 424 5200, sending a fax to 902 428 2164, or calling the toll-free hotline at 1800 670 4357. You may also send them an email at with any questions or application forms you may have.

People with lower incomes are eligible to receive their benefits of 600 Canadian dollars until the 31st of March in 2024. Simply put, this amount will be determined by your current financial situation and the status of the family. Following the verification of your application form, the monies will be directly sent to your bank account.

Status of the NS Heating Rebate for 2024 

The government of Nova Scotia is offering help to residents of the province in the management of their utility bills. 

The submission of the application must be completed by March 2024 at the latest. You must follow the sequential actions that are provided below to verify the status of your application.

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  • Go to the official website, which may be found at
  • Be on the lookout for a choice that says “Heating Assistance Rebate Program,” and then choose it for yourself.
  • You will need to locate an option that is associated with the “Check your application status online” and then click on it to be sent to the subsequent page.
  • You will now be prompted to input the confirmation number of your application for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program as well as your postal code. After ensuring that all of the information is accurate, you will be prompted to click the Submit button.

HARP Rebate Payment Date

Please make sure that your application is submitted before the 31st of March, 2024. Up to eight weeks is the typical amount of time required for the processing of your reimbursement. 

However, if there is a need for further information or if there are errors in your application, the time frame may be subject to an extension. You may get a contact via email if more information is necessary to support the processing of your reimbursement.

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How the rebate for heating assistance is distributed is comparable to the approach that is used for the distribution of your income tax return. 

If your refund of income tax is processed by direct deposit, the reimbursement for heating assistance will be reimbursed in the same manner. If, on the other hand, you choose not to receive your income tax refund by direct deposit, the rebate will be sent to you at your convenience.

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