Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024 Payout: Check Eligibility Requirement

It is believed that the data incident concerns the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), a company based in the United States that provides life insurance services. One of its clients, Webster Bank, was affected by the breach by the damage of personal information that belonged to clients of certain customers.

An incident occurred where an individual accessed sensitive information about some of the customers of Webster Bank due to a security system error, which allowed the individual to access the sensitive information of the customer.

After discovering that Webster Bank had been affected by the data breach on January 24, 2023, the firm was notified. However, it was not until February 10, 2023, that the Guardian was able to confirm that Webster Bank‘s data had been compromised. Information such as Social Security numbers, names, and account numbers of the customers were among the information that was compromised.

Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024 Payout

There is an agreement between all defendants and the plaintiff that they will contribute more than $1.4 million to the Settlement of cases that were merged with similar lawsuits in July 2023. The settlement agreement states that all those who are to be covered under the agreement will receive notice of the deal within 21 days after the court grants initial approval or no later than January 24th.

The class members who can prove that they had paid certain out-of-pocket expenses as a result of the breach can receive up to $200 in compensation as compensation for their losses. Those who are covered by the deal will also have the opportunity to submit claims to receive up to $25 for every documented hour they spent dealing with the incident, with a maximum of four hours being given out.

There is also a possibility for class members who have been victims of documented identity theft or fraud cases to receive up to $5,000 in compensation for their losses. It will also be possible for eligible consumers to submit a claim for two years of credit monitoring and identity theft protection with $1 million of insurance coverage provided by three credit bureaus. There will be a final hearing for approval on May 20, 2024, which will be held in Washington, D.C.

Payment for Millions of Americans

$4873 Payments 

$12000 Stimulus Checks Approved 

6 Social Security Payments 

Overview of Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024

Program Name Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024 
Governing BodyGovernment of the United States
Applicants Webster Bank
Applicable inUS
Official Website——–
Final Hearing dateMay 20, 2024
Compensation amount$5,000
Insurance coverage amount$1 million

Eligibility requirement

A settlement was reached with Guardian in case its systems were affected between November 27, 2022, and January 22, 2023, as a result of a data security incident affecting Guardian’s data systems during that same period. The Settlement covers anyone who has been notified that their information may have been impacted.

Webster Bank Class Action Settlement

Who is Representing the Plaintiffs?

A total of ten attorneys have piled on the case to represent the plaintiffs in the case: Mark S. Holden, Richard Andisio, Edward Marshall, Ann Marie Marshall, Arthur Christiani, Johnielle Dwyer, Pawel Krzykowski, Mariola Krzynowek, James Howe, and Cindy A. Pereira. There is a class representative who represents the interests of all members of the class who have been affected by similar issues.

Approval of final draft

An approval hearing will be held on May 20, 2024, to confirm the Court’s approval of the proposal. Ultimately, the Court would decide whether to approve the Settlement, and if it does, then the Court would decide on the quantity and amount of the Class Counsel’s fees and the plaintiffs’ court costs.

Submission of a paper claim form by mail

A paper claim form for the settlement settlement can be downloaded from the settlement website or you can contact the Settlement Administrator by calling 1-888-680-3314 to request a paper claim form.

You must complete the paper form with the necessary information as soon as you receive it.

Once you have completed your claim form, please send it via postal mail to the following address:

Webster Bank Data Incident Settlement Administrator

P.O. Box 2408

Portland, OR 97208-2408. 

Future Updates

Enhancements to the Claims Process: Webster Bank may implement changes to enhance settlement distribution efficiency and ensure affected clients receive payment quickly.

Customers Outreach Programs Banks should organiSe outreach programs designed to inform eligible parties of how they can claim settlement claims and participate in them.

Compliance Inspection: Regulators and consumer groups could monitor Webster Bank to make sure its settlement obligations have been fulfilled on time.

Evaluation of Financial Impact Financial experts could evaluate the long-term ramifications of Webster Bank settlement, such as any possible changes in business practices or reputation.

Fact Verify

Settlement Amount: Verify that Webster Bank and the plaintiffs reached an accurate agreement regarding settlement amounts to maintain accuracy within your report.

4th Stimulus Checks 

$3800 Approved

$4780 Monthly Checks 

$6000 California Stimulus Checks

Verify how many customers were affected and to what degree. Assess any injuries sustained as a result of allegations of wrongdoing at Webster Bank and assess any damage they might have incurred as a result.

Make Sure You Understand The Terms And Conditions Before entering any settlement agreement, ensure you fully comprehend its conditions and terms, such as its provisions regarding compensation remedies or modifications to business practices.

Legal Acceptance of Settlement: Determine whether a court approved the Settlement and whether any lawsuits related to your dispute exist.


Webster Bank Class Action Settlement represents an important step toward rectifying allegations of wrongdoing and damage to customers while at the same time compensating those affected. While compensation will likely take place,

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its outcome ultimately relies upon the implementation of stipulated terms by both sides and on how committed each bank is to rectifying past grievances. Going forward, continued oversight from regulators, consumer advocates, and the general public is crucial in holding them to account and preventing repeat incidents in the future.

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