$4873 Social Security Checks Payment Date 2024:Eligibility & Age Details

The American Government has created the program to help provide aid in the form of financial support to American citizens unable to make the money they need due to their old age or with an income that is low or none or a disability. 

The Social Security income scheme can also be used to help parents of children who are blind or have some other impairment. Individuals may apply online via the official site that SSA, ssa.gov, operates. The Social Security Administration is the regulatory authority. The SSA assists those in need after examining all documents. 

This $4,873 Social Security Checks 2024 are automatically transferred to a personal account of an eligible person each month from the Social Security Administration.

$4873 Social Security Checks Payment Date 2024

It is the Social Security income scheme. The Federal American government created it to assist people who are unable to perform anything that is skilled to pay their living expenses because of disability or age. It is a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) change each year since it rises with a rise in inflation. 

This year, the American Government has increased the COLA to 3.2 per cent. Anyone who is in the above category may apply to apply for SSI on the internet. Application forms are available at the official website ssa.gov. The government grants SSI to those who are aged 65 or older, people with disabilities, as well as parents of children who are blind. 

Citizens who want to apply for 48773 Social Security Checks in 2024 should check for their Social Security eligibility eligibility criteria before applying for the identical check. Medically unfit applicants are required to offer additional medical records when applying.

$488 Social Security Payment 

$5000 Social Security Checks

3 Direct Stimulus Checks 

Social Security Payment Schedule 

Overview of $4873 Social Security Checks Payment Date

Scheme Name $4,873 Social Security Checks 2024
Administering AuthoritySocial Security Administration(SSA)
Category Social Security Income (SSI)
Eligible CitizensAbove 65 years old, disabled, low-income individuals
$4,873 Social Security Checks Payment Date 2024Varies with date of birth
PaymentUSD 4873
Frequency of PaymentsMonthly 
Official web linkhttps://www.ssa.gov/

Get $4873 in Automatic Checks by 2024. 

The contestants who are deemed qualified for payment may claim $4,873 Social Security Checks in 2024 by using the procedures listed in the following table:

$4873 Social Security Checks Payment Date
  • Visit the official site of the SSA on https://www.ssa.gov/
  • Pick the appropriate box in the choices available in the portal. You can then generate your username and password.
  • Complete the correct information required in the form for application.
  • Download the essential documents recommended to you by the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • Complete the form after you have completed it. The authorities will then review the application.

Eligibility criteria details

Certain eligibility requirements must be met for participants to qualify for an extra paycheck as part of Social Security. Social Security benefit. Some of these criteria are listed below.

  • The contestants must be retired or at a point where they feel the need to retire next year.
  • The person applying must be over 65 and a tax creditor.
  • The 40 credits need to be paid to qualify to receive the reward.
  • The more extra aids to survivorship, disability, and child care cannot be counted in the credit.
  • If pension benefits already cover you, there is no need to be a candidate for an increase in the benefits. Beneficiaries will be able to receive the money through direct payment.

The amount of social security benefits depends on the AIME of applicants. When a person is retiring when they reach 70 the AIME is $9,990. The rise in the salary is also contingent upon the AIME that the participants earn and their retirement age. 

Summary of AIME of the participants who are retiring are examined in the following table.

YearAIMEMonthly Paycheck

Monitoring process of SSI and Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration of America provides financial assistance for $4,873 Social Security Checks through

  • Directly depositing money to the account of the prospective applicant
  • Direct Express debit card
  • If he/she is not sure how to utilise the debit card, direct express, and the SSA issues a paper check to the address of the individual.

This step-by-step tutorial will help you manage the payments you make efficiently.


  • Go to the Official Social Security Administration (SSA) site.
  • Visit your “My Social Security” section. If you are still not a registered user on your account, you will be required to sign up by supplying your personal information to verify for verification purposes.
  • If you have already registered for a login just log in with the username you used and your password.
  • After logging in, navigate to “Social Security Statement” or “Benefits & Payments.”
  • Here, you will find the full details of the benefits you receive, such as the earnings history and estimates of future benefits.
  • Check for a tab labeled “Payment History” or “Payments” for a look at the details of past and future payments.

Mobile App

The SSA has a mobile application that allows you to log into the “My Social Security” account anywhere you go. The app can be downloaded via the app store of your mobile to control your account, keep track of the status of your payments, and get crucial information regarding the benefits you receive.

Direct Deposit Account

You should consider setting up direct deposit as a benefit to receive prompt and safe payments. You can find the opportunity to set up “Direct Deposit” in your account’s settings. It is necessary to offer the details of your bank account such as the account number and routing code, for setting up or changing your direct deposit preferences.

$943 Social Security Checks 

$2600/M Increase Social Security

$2967 Stimulus Checks

$4000 Social Security Check

Datasheet of Social Security Payment: $4873 for 2024

Months Birth date  between 1st to 10thBirth date between 11th to 20thBirth date Between 21st to 31st
January 10th Jan 202417th January 202424th January 2024
February 14th Feb 202421st  Feb 202428th  Feb 2024
March 13th Mar 202420th  Mar 202427th  Mar 2024
April 10th Apr 202417th April 202424th April 2024
May8th May 202415th May 202422nd May 2024
June 12th June 202418th June 202426th June 2024
July 10th July 202417th July 202424th July 2024
August 14th Aug 202421st Aug 202428th Aug 2024
September 11th Sep 202418th Sep 202425th Sep 2024
October 9th Oct 202416th Oct 202423rd Oct 2024
November 13th Nov 202420th Nov 202427th Nov 2024
December 11th Dec 202418th Dec 20242429th Dec 2024


An Ultimate Guide to Social Security So In Closing, Let’s Talk Specifics: Understanding the concepts and complexities of your Social Security checks is a must for those who plan to retire or already receive the benefits. Based on data as of 2024 median, Social Security checks were written for $4,873 per month.

It provides significant support to millions of older adults or disabled people, the orphaned, and survivors as well. 

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It is critically meaningful that the beneficiaries deeply comprehend the dates for payments, the eligibility requirements, payment dates, and the age requirement as soon as possible to utilise in maximum amount and, in this way, make their financial planning effective.

FAQs For $4873 Social Security Checks Payment Date

What is the historical amount of Social Security checks that were delivered in 2024?

Social Security check’s median amount for the year 2024 stands at $4,873.

What amount of head Defense Funding is taking place?

Monthly social security checks are paid, in most cases, on the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of the month, based on the birthday of the beneficiary.

Distinctive situations lead people to lose their incomes & claim social security; in this case, can gov’t provide the conditions required for eligibility for social security benefits?

The Social Security benefits fate relies on various factors such as the age of an individual and their time of work as well as their disability status. As a rule, the duration of the length of work and the total of Social Security taxes a person pays determines his/her eligibility.

When can I start receiving the social security money?

You will get asked to start receiving Social Security funds at the age determined by the year you were born. If indeed you were born between 1960 and the maximum retirement date is 67. However, the conditions of this rule of thumb say that you can get reduced amounts of the payments at the age of 62 or you can wait till the age of 70 for the higher payments.

Do I qualify for Social Security benefits if I have a disability?

Yes, people who cannot work because of any qualifying impairment may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if they satisfy the specific requirements outlined in the Social Security Administration. Social Security Administration.

Are survivors eligible to receive Social Security benefits?

Children, spouses, and other family members could be able to be eligible for survivor benefits if the person who died is eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

What do I need to do to fill out an application to receive Social Security benefits?

The application process is to receive Social Security benefits online, via phone, or by making an appointment at the neighbourhood Social Security office. You should start applying as soon as you are eligible to warrant the prompt processing of the benefits.

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