$800 + $713 OAS Payments Coming Soon in 2024-Eligibility & Payment Dates

The Old Age Security Pension (OAS) is a program that the government of Canada established to provide financial assistance to elderly adults with low incomes and their families in the event of retirement, disability, or death. Senior people are eligible to receive a monthly compensation sum from the government via the OAS Pension Program, which is considered a guaranteed supplemental income for all senior residents.

The Old Age Security (OAS) is a component of Canada’s retirement income system that is designed to provide a fundamental level of pension to elderly persons who are 65 years of age or older and who fulfil all of the conditions. The importance of this program cannot be overstated if you are currently experiencing financial hardship and are waiting for aid.

Recently, the government has recommended that all senior people get $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments from Old Age Security, which will take place in April of 2024. Therefore, if you are worried about this payment, you should read the parts that follow and get familiar with the relevant changes that are available here.

$800 + $713 OAS Payments Coming Soon in 2024

One component of the OAS Pension Program is the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), which provides a steady stream of government-guaranteed income to eligible individuals. By better managing their monthly budgets and taking advantage of the newly announced $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments, seniors will be better able to weather the storm of increasing inflation. 

To offset some of the rise in OAS pension payments, the new OAS Pension Amount will be calculated starting in 2024 after taking into account the Consumer Price Index. The Canadian government has been working to ensure that pension systems are well-funded so that retirees may continue to live well in their later years. Seniors from low-income groups may also be able to get some financial support, thanks to this rise.

Starting at age 65 and above, one may begin receiving their OAS pension. When they reach this age, seniors will receive a substantial sum that will cover all of their essential living expenses. However, the benefit amount decreases as individuals become older, and beyond a certain age, they are only eligible to receive the program’s minimum benefit amount.

The Old Age Security (OAS) pension is eligible for a 10% increase at the age of 75. All seniors get financial aid from the government, which is determined by the benefit amount. There are several steps that this $800 + $713 OAS Double Payment will take to help seniors maintain their financial stability. Read on to find out the latest information if you are interested in staying up-to-date.

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Overview of $800 + $713 OAS Payments Coming Soon

Article On$800 + $713 OAS Double Payments Coming Soon
ProgramOld Age Security Pension Program
Eligibility Age65 years and older
CategoryGovernment Aid
$800 + $713 OAS Double Payments Date 2024April 2024
Official Websitehttps://www.canada.ca/

Who Can Receive the Additional $713 + $800 in OAS Payments?

Since the beginning of time, the government of Canada has placed a high premium on providing financial assistance to older residents. As a result of receiving this OAS pension, millions of elderly individuals in Canada are working to increase their monthly budgets to cover all of their essential household costs. It is possible that not all elderly citizens are eligible to receive benefits from this program or that some groups are still not aware of its existence.

If you have gained knowledge of the notification of the $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments 2024 and are now interested in receiving this payment, some prerequisites must be met. Please find attached a list of prerequisites that every one of you must fulfil. Examine the following factors to determine whether or not you are qualified to get this money.

$713 OAS Payments Coming Soon
  • If you are a native or permanent resident of Canada, it would be beneficial.
  • To qualify, you must be at least 65 years old.
  • Signing up for the Canada Retirement Income System is something you need to do.
  • Your yearly gross income must not be beyond the federal threshold.
  • The FRA must be waited for to get the greatest advantage.

Most Recent Announcement Regarding Trudeau’s OAS Increase in 2024

The OAS Pension Payments must be increased across the board for all elderly persons. Senior folks can obtain some extra economic assistance via this payment, which ultimately helps them better manage their costs. Because they can effectively control their costs, individuals can get into their bank accounts with the help of this $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments 2024. As a result of inflation and the rising cost of living, the government has decided to raise the amount of money that is paid out in OAS pensions because the rise may assist elderly persons in obtaining certain additional benefits.

Seniors in Canada can satisfy their financial obligations with the support of this supplementary income assistance. A person who is of an advanced age does not have sufficient financial support and is wholly reliant on the assistance of other people. Therefore, to assist senior people, the government established the pension system. This system allows senior citizens who are entitled to receive monthly pension payments to meet their requirements. The Social Security Administration (OAS) program will undergo certain adjustments in the year 2024, which will increase the total amount of benefits received by all elderly residents.

Due Dates’ details for $800 + $713 in OAS

Because the government has prepared for rises with this pension scheme, the new old age security payment will be accessible with some increase. The rate of inflation in Canada has also grown, and as a result, families and individuals with low incomes are in a precarious financial situation. To better the standard of living of older residents, the government made several improvements within this program itself.

As a result of the implementation of the increase, elderly folks who are qualified will receive an extra sum in addition to their normal pension payments. At a period that has not yet been set, the extra OAS $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments will be made accessible in the year 2024. Shortly, the government will deposit this aid sum into the bank accounts of those who are eligible to receive it.

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It is anticipated that you will get this $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments in April 2024. A great number of elderly people are awaiting this payout. When you want to discover the current status of the payment, you may also visit the official website.

Fact Check

  • Important financial assistance for eligible seniors will soon be distributed in the form of $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments.
  • This payment is a component of the government’s continuous endeavours to alleviate the financial consequences of several causes, such as inflation and the increasing cost of living, especially for susceptible groups such as the elderly.
  • The Government of Canada lays out the standard criteria for receiving Old Age Security benefits, which include a person’s age, residence status, and income level.
  • The specific dates of the payments are subject to change, but the regular methods of payment, such as direct deposit or check, will ensure that the elderly get their money.
  • If seniors and their caregivers want to know what the latest policy changes are regarding OAS payments, they should follow official government channels or reliable news sources.


As a consequence, many seniors around the country are relieved and optimistic about the impending $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments. These payments are a way of showing appreciation for the senior population’s contributions and needs, in addition to providing financial help.

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In these uncertain times, these kinds of efforts show that the government is serious about protecting its people, especially the most vulnerable, and they provide hope. Although these payments provide short-term assistance, lawmakers must keep looking for long-term solutions to ensure that elders have financial stability.

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