Canada Extra GST Payment Date 2024-Eligibility & Payment Details

If you are a taxpayer within Canada and you are a Canadian taxpayer, then the Canada Additional GST payment you might get in 2024 is contingent on a variety of factors that are described in the article. 

This is a kind of benefit available to eligible citizens that assists low- and moderate-income households and individuals to offset the HST and GST they have to pay. 

The government will consider you to be eligible for this kind of payment. It can be accessed based on your status as a filing.

A lot of people are hoping for this Canada Extra GST payment in 2024. Some people who do not have any idea about the payment are searching for information on Additional GST Payment, the date, and eligibility. 

All the information regarding the payment can be found in this post. For more information, it is recommended to read the news listed below.

Canada Extra GST Payment Date 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency provides federal tax refunds for goods and services for income taxpayers who are eligible across the country. They are made depending on the income tax you have that is paid during the calendar year. 

Therefore, if you are concerned about receiving this GST Extra payment in Canada it is necessary to meet the requirements to determine the amount you will receive. 

Additionally, the government also provides some additional GST payment options for taxpayers who qualify and live in Canada to benefit those who are eligible for people who are low-income or have a moderate income. 

The tax-free money will be deposited directly into the account of your bank. 

In addition, if your children are eligible who are younger than 19, it is possible to receive additional cash through this procedure. 

This payment amount depends on your earnings per year as well as the status of your filing.

The government is prepared to make this payment available to eligible taxpayers. The New GST Payment Canada 2024 Extra GST Pay Canada for 2024 is designed to benefit grant aid to those with low incomes and families that are in need. 

It will lower the financial burden as well as the tax burden for the families that qualify. Canada The Extra GST Payout 2024 is yours if you have met the eligibility requirements and your income per year does not exceed the federally required thresholds. 

If the children of your household have a lower threshold, you may benefit from a higher amount; however, due to changes in particulars, the government and the relevant departments will review the information provided and refund the results. 

That means you need to change your information to be eligible for the benefits in date. For further information take a look at the sections below and gather important information there.

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Overview of Canada Extra GST Payment Date

Article OnCanada Extra GST Payments
DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
BeneficiaryEligible Taxpayers Only
CRA Extra GST Amount 2024See Below Table
CategoryGovernment Aid
Canada Extra GST Payment DateJanuary, April, July, and October Month Only
Official Website

What is Extra GST in Canada for 2024?

Residents of Canada who fall into the lowest income category are eligible for this Canada Extra GST from 2024. The payment will come as an addition to the tax or HST that are that citizens pay on their purchases of services and goods. 

The primary goal of this program is to deliver aid to those with low-income family members and people who are struggling to pay their costs. 

The payment will become available after you have completed the income tax return, after which the government will provide you with a tax refund in the shape of the GST payment 2024. 

You can receive this amount if you are paying income tax in the tax year in which you are a taxpayer.

Every person can apply for GST/HST refund 2024 to receive the amount of refund directly into the account of your bank. 

Canada Extra GST Payment Date 2024

Once the time is up, this amount will change according to the upcoming tax return which can benefit you reduce the burden of tax. 

The result is that low-income families or even individuals could save dollars on taxes due to the tax refund. 

This is why it is beneficial to those who are struggling financially, which is why they cannot afford to pay the expenses of living. 

If you are looking for more information on Canada Extra GST payment 2024, then access the official CRA site for more information.

Eligibility required to Get Extra GST Payment in Canada?

If you are considering making GST/HST payments available in Canada it is necessary to comply with certain conditions. Only eligible citizens will be able to receive the Canada Extra GST payment provided that they are eligible as the following list. 

This refund will only be made available to people who pay taxes on the deadline. Check the information listed below for additional details, and be aware of the date when CRA is going to make the tax refund on your behalf.

  • It is essential to be a permanent resident in Canada.
  • Taxpayers must pay their income tax return in the tax year.
  • The age limit is at least 19 years old.
  • If you are younger than 19 years old, then you have to have one of these criteria at the same time:
  • If you have a spouse or common-law partner.
  • If you are a parent, reside with your eligible child.

Documents Needed to File a Canada GST/HST Refund Application

If you intend to submit a claim for the tax refund, you must submit the documents listed below. They are the necessary documents that allow you to get Canada Extra GST Payments in 2024. If you have already made an application for this type of payment, you do not need to submit a second application. If you need documentation, go through the updates below.

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  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Documents signed by immigrants, refugees as well as citizens of Canada
  • Documents that display your common-law spouse ID or partner ID
  • Visitor Record, etc.

Amount of Canada’s Extra GST Payment in 2024

In this program, those who qualify will be able to receive the amount of refund of their tax taxes. It is an additional amount that is available to those in low-income categories. If you would like to have an idea of what you will receive in the GST/HST refund you receive for 2024, take note of the following table.

ParticularGST Refund Amount 2024
For Single$496
For Married or has a Common Law Partner$650
Children under 19 years of Age$171

Datesheet for GST & HST 2024 Refund Payment

If you are looking for Canada Extra GST payment dates in 2024, you must go through this article and learn the schedule for payment below. Canada Revenue Agency The Canada Revenue Agency issues Canada GST/HST refunds to eligible recipients four times each year. 

If you have been able to apply to receive this refund, you will receive your refund at the time specified and it will be identical for each year. Below, you can learn the full payment schedule for Canada Extra GST payment 2024.

Home Page
FrequencyPayments Dates
1st5 January 2024
2nd5th April 2024
3rd5th July 2024
4th4 October 2024

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