CRA Benefits Payment Dates 2024-Know OTB, CPP, GST, OAS & CAIP Eligibility

The Canadian government offers a variety of rebates and credit payments to help people cope with increasing living costs. The majority of Canadians are looking forward to the CRA Benefits Dates for April 2024. If you’re looking for the date that tax payments from CRA in April 2024 are due, I’ll prepare updates about the CRA Benefits dates for April 2024. 

A majority of Canadian taxpayers qualify for these CRA Benefits, as are foreign students as well as those who have a permit to work. Because the majority of CRA payments are made each quarter, which is every three months, Canadian residents should always be watching for any new payments that are due in April, which is when the beginning of the second quarter.

CRA Benefits Payment Dates 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency gives Canadians various services which include welfare payments as well as tax refunds. The benefits are an emergency aid for people or families facing issues with finances, by offering vital financial benefits in various sectors. 

It is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the agency responsible for tax administration, as well as the distribution of various benefits to help families and individuals, such as OAS and GST/HST. OTB, ACFB. These benefits, including GST/HST, are distributed to individuals after the close of every month. 

Based on their eligibility to receive a tax refund, those who qualify should visit the official website at to claim their refund. Before collecting the payment return they must be submitted by an individual to fulfill the CRA Benefits April 2024 Eligibility requirements. The CRA Benefits Dates 2024 April is covered in this article, like the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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CPP Payment Dates 2024

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Overview of CRA Benefits Payment Dates 2024

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CRA Benefit Payments: What Are They?

The Canada Revenue Agency, a federal organization, is in charge of the enforcement of taxes as well as various economically and socially beneficial initiatives across the nation. The CRA ensures that taxes are collected promptly and the benefits are distributed correctly to families and individuals who qualify. 

The benefits of the Canada Revenue Agency are programs that offer financial assistance. The benefits are as credits as well as payments that are designed to help those who are eligible Canadians in a variety of ways. Benefits for children, GST credits, old-aged security, climate change credits, and so on are just a few of the important CRA Benefits

If you are a qualified recipient, meeting essential needs as well as keeping financial stability easy through these advantages. Here are some benefits mentioned in the CRA:

CRA Benefits Payment Dates

Eligibility criteria details for CRA Benefits 2024

To qualify to be eligible, you must be in the province of Northern Ontario resident on 31st December 2022 and have completed at least all of the following requirements before the 1st of June 2024.

  • At least 18 years old or older.
  • A spouse or commonplace-regulation companion.
  • The previous residence was with children.
  • You can rent or pay taxes on the property you use as your main residence.
  • Reserves and live-on can be used to pay for your house’s electricity costs.
  • Be a resident of a government long-term care centre and be responsible for part of the living payment.

Dates for the 2024 Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

CPP 2024 CPP 2024 is the monthly payments that are made to residents of Canada who are part of profit-making companies that are more than 60 years of age. These payments are a type of income supplement that’s offered to people who’ve contributed to one or all of the schemes offered by CRA at a certain time during their earnings.

The primary purpose of this plan is to favour security for those who need pensions at the point of the date they have no protection. These payments will be made on the third day of each month and if any of the dates fall on a holiday, payment will be made at the time of the next working day. 

Payments are made to you based on the concept of your earnings. You can verify the current status of payments via Your Social Insurance Number. It is essential to check your Canada Pension Plan 2024 Dates in the table below.

MonthCPP Payment 2024 Dates
January29th January 2024
February27th February 2024
March26th March 2024
April26th April 2024
May29th May 2024
June26th June 2024
July29th July 2024
August28th August 2024
September25th September 2024
October29th October 2024
November27th November 2024
December20th December 2024

The CRA’s 2024 Climate Action Incentive Payment

The CRA is now able to offer the program for people to receive the CAIP 2024, which is granted to certain provinces to reduce pollution. These non-taxable funds could be applied to the expenses of residents of Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, as well as other states. If the recipient has a child who qualifies is eligible, they must reside with you, not be older than 19 years, and be registered as a participant in this program.

The funds are distributed to recipients every month and are made on the 15th day of each month in all areas. If the 15th of the month is not a working day or a holiday day, the Climate Action Incentive Payment CRA 2024 checks can be distributed at the end of the day before the day of public holidays.

MonthCRA Climate Action Incentive Payment 2024
January 202415th January 2024
April 202415th April 2024
July 202415th July 2024
October 202415th October 2024

Benefits for Advanced Canadian Workers 2024

The Canada Workers Benefit 2024 is a tax refund and is available to those and families that have less income. It is a tax benefit that’s refundable. Canada Workers Benefit has two elements: the basic amount and disability-related supplement. Both benefits of the CWB are distributed in 3 distinct instalments.

$200 Monthly Raise 

$1200 Child Tax Credit Checks 

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024

OAS Extra Per Month Payments Announced for Seniors

Due to the increasing costs, employees can find more money within their pockets and can effortlessly spend it. It is not necessary to fill out for CWB since they can have funds transferred immediately to their account at a bank. To qualify for the program, the net earnings or operating earnings of the person are to be less than the specified limit of the earnings.

Payment InstallmentAdvanced Canada Workers Benefit 2024
112th July 2024
212th October 2024
311th January 2024
Datesheet of OAS 2024 Payment

The Old Age Security Payment 2024 will be given to those with an age as high as 65 years old to offer financial aid to those. The initial amount from that payment by the Canada Revenue Agency was $66400 in the past, but now they were increased to $6,8400. The OAS 2024 payment date is monthly distributed to the beneficiaries. The payment is deposited directly into an account at the applicant’s financial institution.

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One who receives the pension in its basic amount receives an increase when they reach 75 years old. Below is a table of OAS Dates for payment in 2024.

MonthOAS 2024 Payment Dates
January29th January 2024
February26th February 2024
March27th March 2024
April27th April 2024
May28th May 2024
June27th June 2024
July28th July 2024
August29th August 2024
September26th September 2024
October28th October 2024
November26th November 2024
December21st December 2024

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