Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 Date: Eligibility & Amount Details

The world is experiencing high inflation rates, and as a result, they are unable to purchase essential items like groceries. The Ontario government offers Ontario Grocery Reward payment 2024 along with the Canada Revenue Agency, under which the federal government of Canada provides these advantages. 

The scheme is fundamentally one that provides a one-time cash payment to people of Canada who are eligible. Ontario grocery rebate is a one-time payment made to eligible residents within the low-income group. It is possible to check the Ontario grocery rebate  Eligibility in 2024in this article to assist the people who need it.

The rebates are given out in a quarterly schedule together with the GST/HST instalments following Ontario grocery rebate  Pay Dates 2024. All applicants must fulfil the eligibility requirements for grocery rebates. It was equivalent to twice the amount for GST/HST credits all of us received during January 2023.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 Date

Everyone knows that food is the most essential requirement for being healthy and living. The margin for food is expected to grow in line with the rise in the rates of inflation across the entire nation. The tax on food service is anticipated to rise, alike to government figures for Ontario. The majority of consumers are aware that the price hikes for groceries and food products could push up the cost-of-living index. In Ontario homes, the total number of houses that are being sold at a price that is modest averages around 11 million.

There will be a significant effect on their families because of the tax credit. The provincial government of Ontario has decided to provide a single payment, which can be made available to households who qualify for the program to focus on providing the financial aid they need. Through this program, Ontario grocery rebate payment 2024 will be made available to eligible families. In the beginning, the margin for deposit will be determined completely based on each individual’s spending habits and financial situation.

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Canada Grocery Rebate Ontario

Overview of Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024

ProgramOntario Grocery Rebate Program 2024
Program NameOntario grocery rebate  
Organised ByCanada Revenue Agency 
Minimum Amount$234
Maximum Amount$628 
Provided ByGovernment Of Ontario 
Applicable InOntario 
Next Payment Date——-
Post TypeFinancial Aid
Official Websitewww.canada.ca 

Eligibility criteria

All eligible residents in Ontario must satisfy the requirements for eligibility based on what they will receive and the amount of their rebate. The person must satisfy all requirements of the Ontario grocery rebate  Eligibility for 2024 that are given below.

  • Individuals must have a minimum threshold of age of 19 to be eligible for these benefits and also meet necessary tax payments before when Teh decide whether or not to go further on the application of the application.
  • When an applicant has less than $45,000.
  • The Canadian government Canada will provide the Canada food rebate starting in 2024, but only if applicants can receive the credits for GST/HST during January 2024.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the family does not earn a maximum figure of $65,000.
  • Every applicant must be aware that they are not in tax default to be eligible for this payment by 2024.
  • If you already have GST or HST credits are automatically eligible for the amount of the tax rebate in the year 2024.

Apply Online Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 citizens of Canada have the right to receive benefits without filling out the application form. The money will be deposited directly to the CRA account that is used to pay taxes or via bank checks that are not in circulation for those who meet qualifications.

The 2024 amount of the Ontario grocery rebate 

To those who are eligible for Canada food rebates, the government will pay twice the amount of HST and GST. It is important to know that the government is going to offer food vouchers for their annual income tax return for 2021.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024

The amount for food rebates will be calculated by using a range of variables and will be distributed to individuals according to the category they fall into. Starting in January 2023, your family’s situation will determine how much of the federal Canada Grocery Rebate. Canada Grocery Rebate.

Keep in mind that the government will be taking into consideration the members of the family beginning in January 2023. Additionally, in formulating the amount for food rebates the net earnings of the family in 2021 will be considered in calculating tax for the year.

Subject to the conditions of their households, persons may be eligible to receive various grocery rebates that range between $234 and a maximum of $628.

Refer to the following table for more information regarding how much you will receive an Ontario grocery rebate amount for 2024.

CATEGORYOntario grocery rebate Amount 2024
Married Couples$306
Couples With 1 Child$387
Family With 2 Children$467
Family With 3 Children$528
Family With 4 Children$628
Retired Couples$255

Dates’ details of the Payment

The Ontario grocery payment from 2024 to 2024 was originally introduced to aid those with low incomes in Canada, especially those earning less than the poverty level. 

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Check out the following table for a quick overview description of the Canada Grocery Rebate Payment dates for 2024.

MONTHSOntario grocery rebate Payment Dates 2024
April 2024 5th April 2024
July 20245th July 2024
October 20245th October 2024
January 20255th January 2025 

2024 Eligibility details for the Canada Grocery Rebate

  • Only residents of Canada can receive coupons for groceries.
  • People who get HST and GST can also receive a Canadian tax rebate on groceries from The Canadian government.
  • The applicants must also provide the entire text for 2021 to the Canada Revenue Agency. Canada revenue agency
  • The minimum age for the candidate must be greater than 19 years old; however, if you are younger than 19, the excellent choice is to have a spouse or a common-law spouse. Otherwise, it is recommended to be able to parent a child.

Application procedure

Follow these steps to apply for Canada New Grocery Refund in 2024 :

  • First, you must have checked eligibility and then open https://www.canada.ca/.
  • At the top of the page, You must select Canada New Food Rebate 2024.
  • Complete your initial details by clicking on the claim button.
  • Input your name, your mother’s name, and the SSIN.
  • Complete the form and then await acceptance.
  • The application process will be accepted, and you will receive an amount in your bank account.


It is the Ontario grocery rebate  Program that can be a valuable benefit that assists residents of low-income within Ontario. When you know the eligibility criteria along with the dates for payment and what you might get, you will be able to ensure that you can benefit from the program. If you have additional queries, please reach out to directly with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for more information.

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FAQs For Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024

What is the Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment?

The Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment is a one-time cash payment made by the federal government to residents with low incomes living in Ontario. It is part of the larger Canada Grocery Rebate program.

What is the value of Ontario’s Grocery Rebate?

The amount of rebate will depend on the specific circumstances of your situation. The maximum value for an Ontario Grocery Rebate In 2024 the amount of payment will be approximately $628.

Who is eligible to receive who is eligible for Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment?

You are likely eligible to receive the Ontario Grocery rebate payment if you have received the credit for the GST/HST payment through the CRA.

What time will I get the Ontario Grocery Refund Payment?

In Ontario, the Grocery Rebate Payment is typically given in conjunction with the GST/HST regular credit every year. The payment deadline for 2024 is the month of July.

What do I need to do to make an application for the Ontario Grocery Reward Payout?

There is no separate application necessary for the Ontario Grocery Rebate payment. So long as you fulfil the criteria for eligibility and submit your tax returns, you will immediately be eligible as eligible to receive the rebate.

If I am not eligible for my Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment, however, I believe I am qualified.

If you feel you are qualified but have not yet received the payment, you may verify the payment status by contacting the CRA or wait a minimum of 10 days following the payment date before contacting them.

Where can I get more details on Canada’s Grocery Rebate payment?

For the latest information and official guidelines, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at https://www.canada.ca/en.html.

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